Standard v. Expanded Solids

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The terms of Standard and Expanded solids were developed for the The OLI ScaleChem - Standard program which was originally designed with only a limited number of solids to be considered. In the OLI software each solid is considered to be an individual phase. Each phase is then tested to see if it may exist. We use our Scaling Tendency algorithm to evaluate if a solid should exist. Testing for each solid increases the run-time of the calculation.

In the 1990's computers were not as powerful as they are today so limiting the maximum number of solids keep the computation time at a reasonable level. OLI ScaleChem - Standard was limited to only 6 solids. As time went on this was expanded to 9 solids. With the advent of more powerful computers the number of solids in OLI ScaleChem - Standard was increased to 58. This number of solids could be evaluated easily and covered the majority of solids found in upstream oil and gas production.

To differentiate between the solids in the original program and these new solids the terms of Standard Solids and Expanded Solids were introduced. The term Standard Solids refers to the original 9 solids and the term Expanded solids refers to the additional 49 solids added.

We still honor this concept in OLI Studio ScaleChem

2015-05-13 13-58-13.png

Here you can see the original 9 solids considered as Standard are displayed. We always display this full list if we detect the elements comprising these solids in the brines you selected. If you wanted to use the Expanded list you can expand and select from that list:

2015-05-13 14-02-48.png

OLI ScaleChem - Standard had 58 solids but here we only have 18 on our expanded list. The full list of expanded solids is 49 but we only display the solids for which have elements present in the brines.

Since OLI Studio - ScaleChem is built on the OLI Studio (OLI Analyzer) framework, we have access to all the possible solids in the OLI databases. If you click the All check box you can select from all the possible solids:

2015-05-13 14-06-28.png

In this example we have approximately 80 solids (the remainder are blow the scroll down window). If you added a component to the brine which is not part of the traditional ScaleChem brine chemistry (such as Fe3+ or SiO2) then the list of available solids using the All option increases to 95.

We have a listing of all the solids in OLI ScaleChem - Standard and which solids are designated Standard or part of the Expanded list. All solids marked as True in this list are part of the standard solids and all other solids are part of the expanded list.

Here is file: ScaleChem Standard v. Expanded Solids