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Aspen Technologies has a product life cycle for Aspen ONE. This means they will stop supporting their product versions at predetermined dates. As a result, OLI Systems will also stop supporting the same versions at the same time.

As of June 1, 2021 the current Aspen ONE product life cycle is:

Major Version Date Released Support End
aspenONE V12.1 03-May-21 30-May-25
aspenONE V12.0 05-Oct-20 30-May-25
aspenONE V11.1 11-Mar-19 30-Nov-23
aspenONE V11.0 11-Mar-19 30-Nov-23
aspenONE V10.1 20-Nov-17 30-Nov-21
aspenONE V10.0 05-Jun-17 30-Nov-21
aspenONE V9.1 21-Nov-16 30-Nov-20
aspenONE V9.0 25-May-16 30-Nov-20
aspenONE V8.8 5-May-15 31-May-19
aspenONE V8.7.1 26-Jan-15 31-Jan-19
aspenONE V8.7 29-Aug-14 31-Aug-18
aspenONE V8.6 27-May-14 31-May-18
aspenONE V8.5 24-Feb-14 28-Feb-18
aspenONE V8.4 25-Nov-13 30-Nov-17
aspenONE V8.3 26-Aug-13 31-Aug-17
aspenONE V8.2 6-May-13 31-May-17
aspenONE V8.1 25-Feb-13 28-Feb-17
aspenONE V8 10-Dec-12 31-Dec-16
aspenONE V7.3 16-May-11 31-May-15
aspenONE V7.2 6-Jul-10 30-Jun-14
aspenONE V7.1 7-Jul-09 30-Jun-13
aspenONE V7.0 8-Sep-08 31-Aug-12
aspenONE 2006.5 1-Jan-08 30-Jun-2012*
aspenONE 2006.1 11-May-07 1-Jun-2011*
aspenONE 2006 1-Oct-06 1-Jan-2011*
aspenONE V2004.3 1-Apr-06 1-Apr-10
aspenONE V2004.2 1-Nov-05 1-Nov-09
aspenONE V2004.1 1-May-05 1-May-09
aspenONE V2004 1-Oct-04 1-Oct-08

Colors in red are not supported. According to this list, only Aspen One version V9.0 or later is currently being supported. OLI will only support our interface for this version. Some older versions of Aspen ONE may still work with the current OLI interface for the Aspen One product but this is not guaranteed.

link to Aspen Support Site (may require a login ID)

Author: Jim Berthold