Thermodynamic parameters calculated by OLI and returned to Aspen Plus

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The following parameters are calculated by the OLI Engine and returned to the Aspen Plus interface:

Property Calculated by OLI (Aspen Name) Description
VVMX Vapor Volume
VSMX Solid Volume
VLMX Liquid volume
SVMX Vapor entropy
SCTD Solid Scaling Tendency
SLMX Liquid entropy
SIGMAX Liquid surface tension (MSE Only)
PHL pH and pOH
PHIVMX Fugacity Coeff Component Vapor
PHILMX Fugacity Coeff Component Liquid
PHIL Pure compound fugacity coefficient
VISG Vapor viscosity
THKG Vapor thermal conductivity
KMX Liquid thermal conductivity (MSE Only)
HVMX Vapor enthalpy (total)
HSMX Solid enthalpy (total)
HLMX Liquid enthalpy (total)
GVMX Vapor Gibbs
GLMX Liquid Gibbs
GAMMA Liquid phase activity coefficient
ECON Electrical Conductivity
DIFG Vapor self diffusivity
DIFG Vapor mutual diffusivity
DIFL Liquid self diffusivity
DIFL Liquid mutual diffusivity (Not calculated returns 1e35