Transfering a Softkey

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Steps for Transferring a Sofkey


If you need to transfer your softkey from computer A to Computer B, you need to follow these steps:

Start in Computer B

1. Open the OLI License Key Utility

Each OLI program group in the start menu has the OLI License Key Utility program.

You can access it via the tools program group under the OLI software you are using. In this example we are using OLI Studio (select the appropriate program group for your program).

2017-03-07 14-03-39.png

2. Click on Collect Information button


3. This will bring the following warning message:"Are you creating a file to transfer a key from another computer"

4. Click Yes


5. Save your *.OLIrid file in a location that you remember.


5. Send *.OLIrid file to Computer A (This could be via email, USB drive, etc.)

6. Computer A opens the OLI License Key Utility

7. Computer A selects the softkey it needs to transfer

8. Computer A Clicks on Transfer Key Button


9. Save the *.OLIh2h file, and send it to Computer B

10. Computer A doesn’t have access to the softkey anymore

11. Computer B receives the *.OLIh2h file and save it.

12. Computer B opens OLI License Key Utility

13. Computer B clicks on the Apply Update button

14. Computer B opens the *.OLIh2h file


15. A message saying that the key was applied successfully appears. Computer B now has access to the key.