Updating license file for LH, LA and LS keys

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Updating the license for existing OLI products is very straight forward. The OLI security devices are either USB type keys (dongles) with LH or LA designations or a softkey (software solution) with an LS designation. The following tutorial is going to assume that the latest version of OLI's Network License manager is up and running at this point on a given machine.

Updating the OLI Network License Manager Video

Information about the new license

You should have received an email from OLI systems which contains the information about your updated serial numbers. This email comes with a ".OLILic" file. You will need this file for the next steps.

Updating the License Server

The attachment will look similar to the following file image:


Copy the file on the machine which has OLI Network License Manager installed.

Go to the machine and make sure that you have admin privileges for that particular machine.

Now double click on the file, it will prompt the following message:


Click Yes

Successful update

Once the update is complete successfully you will see the following message:


Unsuccessful update

If you see the following message " Starting Service : failed"


At that point OLI will need to see the event log. In order to obtain that, please follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Network License Server

Start the OLI Network License Server The path is:

Programs > OLI Systems > Network License Server > Network License Server

LS6 1.png

  • Go to the Event Log tab


You may see an empty Event log


  • Populate the Event log

Click on the Start button encircled in the step above.

Following message will pop up:


Click OK

  • Save Events


Clicking on Save Events will pop up the following window.


Please make sure to write the company name and the key ID in the file name. It will be a text file.

Please send it to OLI support after that point.

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