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These are a collection of utilities that OLI uses to help debug, convert or otherwise help the user with OLI software.

Hardlock Restore
This is the Hardlock restore utility to remotely repair damaged USB keys
OLI Application Debugger
This tool monitors the start up of the indicated OLI software and reports back detailed information on what programs are loaded. The file is a ZIP file, download it and unzip the EXE file in a folder where you have access to the file. Here is the link for the wiki article describing the debugger.
Using the OLI Application Loader Debugger (a/k/a OLI Application Debug Viewer)
OLI License Server Info
This tool returns the OLI protection device ID being used on an OLI Network Server.
Using the OLI License Server Info tool
OLI Security Update
This is a patch to the OLI security layer. It updates your program for the latest security. Just double-click the file after downloading it to begin the install
Hardlock & Softkey Drivers
Sentinel HASP/LDK - Windows GUI Run-time Installer
Windows , 18 MB, Version 7.100, Released 2019-08-23
Locating Softkeys on your network
How to find all the softkeys on your network
Using the PING command
This is the PING command issued from the command prompt. The command prompt is also known as the "DOS" prompt