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Operating System

All of the OLI software are supported on the following platforms.

Microsoft discontinued support for the Windows XP and Server 2003 operating systems. OLI Systems is no longer supporting these operating systems.

For all the operating systems listed below both 32 and 64 bit versions are supported.

Operating System (Desktop) Service Pack Supported Comment
XP Latest No November 2016, OLI released OLI Flowsheet which requires drivers not available for Windows XP.
Vista Latest No As of April 11, 2017 Microsoft has stopped supporting MS - Vista.
Windows 7 Latest No As of January 14, 2020 Microsoft stopped supporting MS-Windows 7.
Windows 8 Latest No As of January 9, 2018 Microsoft has stopped supporting MS - Windows 8.0.
Windows 8.1 Latest No As of January 9, 2018 Microsoft has stopped supporting MS - Windows 8.1.
Windows 10 22H2 Yes MS-Windows 10s (for surface) is not supported. This version is used with the MS Surface Pro but the Operating system is locked such that only applications from the Microsoft store can be installed.
Windows 11 22H2 Yes Drivers for version 11.0 and earlier may not install. See This app can't run on this device
Operating System (Server) Service Pack Supported Comment
2008 Latest No
2008 R2 Latest No
2012 Latest No
2012 R2 Latest No
2016 Latest Yes
2019 Latest Yes
2022 Latest Yes The drivers that come pre-packaged with the OLI software will be declared broken by the OS. You will need to manually download the drivers. Please contact OLI for assistance.
MAC-OS Latest Partially On via a virtual machine such as Parallels. Emulator programs are not supported.

OLI Systems, Inc. does not recommend for or against any particular brand of virtual machine software.


The OLI Software, while compatible with all the Microsoft operating systems listed above, none is currently certified with Microsoft. This is a long and expensive process and generally not practical for software which is updated frequently.

Virtual Machine Software

VM Network Licenses

The OLI software will work with virtual machines with the following caveats:

  1. If USB devices are used, then the VM must have access to the physical USB port.
  2. If a USB port is not available then a softkey solution must be used.
  3. Softkeys are not relocatable. If your VM is moved and has a significantly different configuration then the softkey may fail.

Stand-alone (non network) licenses

  1. If a USB port is not available then a softkey solution must be used.
  2. Softkeys are not relocatable. If your VM is moved and has a significantly different configuration then the softkey may fail.
  3. Trial copies of the software will not work with VM software.

Remote Access

The OLI Software will not work with remote desktop software unless the copy accessed is a network client licence. This means you cannot access the software via remote desktop with a stand-alone USB key, softkey or trial license.


Installation: Local administrator privilege is required

Execution: Standard user privilege is recommended.

Additional Software requirements

No additional software is required to run the OLI Software. No additional or external databases are required to run the OLI Software.

Installation and Execution using Virtual Machines

The OLI Software will install and run on a virtual machine. There are two types of security that OLI utilizes.

USB (Dongle) Based

This is the traditional OLI security module. If your virtual computer supports direct hardware access to a USB port then the USB solution is suitable.

Softkey (software) Based

If you do not have access to a USB or a USB port does not exist then the software-based (soft-key) solution is suitable. We have experienced some issues with softkeys in a virtual environment. Here is a list of some of the issues we have encountered:

  • It is impossible for OLI Systems, Inc. to test all the different virtual machine software that exists. The softkey solution may not work for your software.
  • The virtual machine software was updated on the host computer
  • The virtual machine changed configuration on the host computer
    • A hardware change was detected such as adding or removing a DVD or changing video drivers
    • Memory on the virtual machine was increased or decreased
  • The virtual machine was relocated to a new location on the same host computer
  • The virtual machine was relocated to a new host computer
  • The virtual machine was cloned.


There is commercial software available for Mac OS and Linux that will allow some Windows-based programs to run in emulation mode. These software packages provide a wrapper around the Windows program which allows it to run in Mac OS or Linux. However, the OLI software requires very specific Windows DLLs that are not available in these emulators and this will not work.

OLI will try to resolve these and any new issues involving softkeys and virtual machines but each issue is unique and requires extensive effort to resolve.

Internet Requirements

No direct access to the internet is required by the OLI Software. If you are running a network copy of the OLI Software then local network access is required. No changes to any firewalls are required unless YOUR local policy requires such changes.

Hardware Requirements

  • CPU Speed

1 GHz or faster, 2.5 GHz or better recommended.

  • RAM
RAM Requirements
32 bit O/S 64 bit O/S
1 gigabyte, 8 GB recommended 4 gigabyte, 16 GB recommended

  • Video

Supports DirectX 9.0 or later

A standard VGA monitor is suitable with 800x600 resolution.

  • Hard drive

4 gB of free space

  • Drives

DVD Reader if the installation will be via a disk, no drive necessary if working through the Internet download.

  • Ports

OLI no longer provides hardware-based security devices. Instead, software-based solutions are provided. The information in this section are for older licenses of the OLI Software.

NOTICE! Thales, the company that provides the OLI Dongles (Sentinel Hardlock) has announced end-of-life for PH and LH type dongles. This will occur on 23-March-2023. No support for these USB dongles will be available. If you have such a USB key from OLI please make arrangements for an upgrade to either a PA or LA type of USB dongle or a softkey solution.

For individual copies of the OLI Software:

- Hardware key option: one USB 2.0 port is required for the Hardware Key option. This will support our PH or PA type of USB Key. (hardware keys are being deprecated)

PH type USB key
PA type USB key
LA type USB key
LH type USB key

- Soft key option: no port is necessary. Please note that for this soft key option, the license is valid only on the registering PC

Network computers which have a USB 2.0 port may use a USB key similar to the PH and PA keys shown above. If no USB ports are available (as with many virtual computers) then a soft-key solution is available.

Software Updates

Updates to the software are checked manually. In each OLI Program there is a HELP menu. From that menu a Check Updates button can be used to see if an update is available.

Hardware requirements checking for updates image.png

Compatibility with Microsoft® Products

OLI is not natively used in Microsoft Products (i.e., not a plug-in). However, reports created by OLI software are in RTF format (rich-text-format) and may be copied and pasted directly into Microsoft products. Graphs and plots are presented as BMP (bit mapped) images and may by copied and pasted directly into Microsoft products. Some data and reports may also be exported as CSV (comma-separated variable) files and may be opened with Microsoft Excel.

Any other compatibility is not supported or implied.