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ScaleChem is OLI's legacy product for upstream mineral scale prediction. Originally developed by Shell in the 1980's, ScaleChem has been maintained and then redeveloped by OLI through several generations. With the development of OLI Studio ScaleChem it has been decided to deprecate the ScaleChem Standard software.


End-of-life Events

  • As of January 4, 2017 OLI will no longer sell the product.
  • As of January 20, 2017 OLI is no longer maintaining support of the product. Only licensing issues will be maintained.
  • May 1, 2017 - The ScaleChem-Standard program is no longer offered for sale.

Conversion of OLI SCA files to the OLI Studio ScaleChem format - OAD extension - is now supported in the OLI Studio ScaleChem program.

See Change in ScaleChem Status (PDF) for more details

ScaleChem Standard History

ScaleChem Standard was written in the 1990s under the direction of a consortium of six companies. It contained scaling tendency for 8 standard scales and an additional 54 solids. Working with OLI's AQ thermodynamic framework and a fixed chemistry, ScaleChem Standard defined state-of-the-art technology for its time.

Rationale for the End-of-Life decision

With the chemistry of MEG and methanol becoming increasingly important in the oilfield, OLI needed to incorporate the MSE thermodynamic framework into ScaleChem Standard. Rather than do that and create a parallel software to the OLI Analyzer code, OLI instead added ScaleChem into the OLI Studio along with the Stream and Corrosion Analyzer.

The resulting code, OLI Studio: ScaleChem, replaced ScaleChem Standard as of 2013.

Hundreds of OLI clients continue to use ScaleChem Standard, even as the migration to Studio ScaleChem is well underway.

Issues/questions pertaining to ScaleChem Standard: