Installing and Running the OLI License Manager 4.x - Softkey Edition

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OLI has introduced a softkey version of the OLI Network License Manager. This version does not require a hardware device (a/k/a usb key or dongle). Rather, a "Footprint" of the target computer is required to ensure uniqueness. Once created this footprint is unique per device and cannot be moved.

These instructions apply to all versions of the OLI License Manager version 3.x.

The current version of the OLI License Manager is 3.6.1

Warning! This procedure is for a single instance of a computer or virtual machine. You cannot move the OLI Network License to a new host using this procedure. You must use the Transfering a Softkey procedure. Failure to follow this procedure will invalidate the softkey.

Here is a video overview of the installation procedure:

The steps for installing the software are similar to the hardware version but there are some significant differences. Please note, you cannot install multiple licenses on the same machine!!

Download the software

We begin by asking you to download the latest software from the OLI download website

To do this you will need the Server Serial number in the license file that OLI supplied to you. As an example, the white USB key should contain a file that is similar to the one shown below "LS5400006..."

Softkey 1.png

(Note: Softkey versions are prefixed with LS - LAN Softkey)

Open this file and locate the Server Serial Number. We will use this number for several download and install steps. Please note, for all network users of the OLI software this is the only serial number that will allow you access to the download program site.


On the OLI download web site, enter your information as well as the server serial number. When this information has been added click the Go button.

A list of program to which you are entitled to download will be displayed. For this exercise we are only interested in the OLI Network License Server 3.4. When ready click the Download icon. Server.png

Save the file to your computer. For this exercise we are using Firefox as our web browser and we have selected the default Firefox download folder to receive this file. Once downloaded, please locate the file. Here we have downloaded the file in the default Firefox folder.

Install the OLI Network License Server

Locate the OLI Network License Server that you just downloaded and move it to the same folder as the license file.

Softkey 6.png

Next, locate the license file OLI sent to you on the USB key or via Email. Copy this file to the same folder as the OLI Network License Server installation file.

Double-Click the OLI Network License Server install icon. Accept the request to run the software.

OLI uses InstallShield as its delivery application. Click the next button to begin.


You will be prompted to press the next button many times. Unless we tell you different, please press the next button or the yes button.


Please click on the "I accept..." button and then click the Next button


Select Typical and then click the Next button.


Click the Install button.

The Serial Number is automatically retrieved from the license file if it is in the same folder as the installer file. If the box is blank you will have to manually enter the serial number from the license file.

If you are requested to elevate the security, please click Yes.

This is an image of the installation in progress. Please wait for it to complete.


If you have never installed the OLI Softkey before you will get the following error message. The installer attempts to start the security provider and failed


This is expected since the necessary footprint of the target computer has not been generated. Click the OK button to continue.


We are now temporarily done with the installation of the OLI Network Security Provider.


Generating the OLI Footprint for the softkey

We now must generate the footprint. To do this we need to locate a tool

Start > Programs > OLI Systems > Network License Server > Tools > OLI License Key Utility

OLI License Key Utility.png

When started you should have a dialog as follows:


Click the Collect Information button. This will scan your computer and compose a list of objects and then encode them in a binary format. OLI can use this file but cannot read this file. Under no circumstances will OLI Systems, Inc. share this information without your express/written consent.

This will launch a familiar save dialog.


We automatically populate the file name with the name of your computer. In this case the computer is a virtual computer with the name win7-x64. We will append the extension OLIc2v which means client-to-vendor.

Please save this file in a location where you can find it and then send the file to OLI Systems. Our Email address is in the footer of this page.

Applying the OLI Softkey ( Applying the OLI v2c file)

You will receive a file from OLI Systems with the name of the softkey with the extension OLIv2c (vendor-to-client). In our example this file name would be: LS00006.OLIv2c. You will need to restart the tool as before:

Start > Programs > OLI Systems > Network License Server > Tools > Hardlock Restore Utility


Click the Apply Update button. This will open a familiar open dialog:

Softkey 19x.png

Locate the file that was supplied by OLI Systems. Highlight it and select Open.

This message means that the key was installed correctly.

Click here to see instructions on verifying that the key was installed: Locating Softkeys on your network

Applying the OLI Softkey License

Go to the OLILic license file sent by OLI via email.

The attachment will look similar to the following file image:


Copy the file on the machine which has OLI Network License Manager installed.

Go to the machine and make sure that you have admin privileges for that particular machine.

Now double click on the file, it will prompt the following message:


Click Yes

Once the application of license is completed successfully you will see the following message:


Verifying the OLI Network License Manager is up and running

Start the OLI Network Security Provider (a/k/a the License Manager) via this path:

Start > All Programs > OLI Systems > Network License Server > Network License Server


Click on the Event Log tab. This way you can see if any errors occur.


Click the Start button.


Success! The server has started. You can now begin to update any client programs.

Click on any line to see the contents of the notification.

Server Errors

In case there are error please proceed to the following steps:

To find out exactly what is causing the error. Close this error dialog and click on the Event Log tab. Please follow the next steps to get the event log:

If you see the following message " Starting Service : failed"


At that point we will need to see the event log. In order to obtain that, please follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Network License Server

Start the OLI Network License Server The path is:

Programs > OLI Systems > Network License Server > Network License Server

LS6 1.png

  • Go to the Event Log tab


You may see an empty Event log


  • Populate the Event log

Click on the Start button encircled in the step above.

Following message will pop up:


Click OK

  • Save Events


Clicking on Save Events will pop up the following window.


Please make sure to write the company name and the key ID in the file name. It will be a text file.

Please send it to OLI support after that point.

Please send this text file to OLI for analysis via the support email link below

Service Failed to Start or Other Errors

If the following error message appeared:

2017-02-10 13-04-11.png

Then there is still an error. Click the "Yes" button to automatically send a log to OLI Systems for analysis.

2017-02-10 13-05-15.png

Fill out the comments field with any supporting information that you have such as operating system. Click the "Submit Online" button to do this automatically or use the other buttons to do this manually.

If successfully sent the following message appears:

2017-02-10 13-07-03.png

OLI will respond as soon as practical with a solution.