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Generate a Content Listing of an OLI Databank

The OLI Databanks include:

What happened to the Import Database Button in OLI Studio V10

OLI Data Locator

The OLI Data Locator is a useful tool to determine first if OLI has the compound of interest and second what OLI named that species.

Aqueous (AQ) framework

  • PUBLIC - the AQ framework main databank
  • GEOCHEM - species that form in geological time, these are for extremely thermodynamically stable solids.
  • LOWTEMP - for temperatures 0 to -50 C
  • CORROSIO - the oxides common for redox and to produce Stability diagrams (also known as Pourbaix diagrams)
  • CERAMICS - some common ceramic percuror materials
  • ALLOYS - simple alloys for stability diagrams.
  • EXCHANGE - ion-exchanging resins and some molecular (carbon) absorption material.
  • SURFACE COMPLEXATION - metal oxides which can absorb onto pipe surfaces.

Mixed Solvent Electrolyte (MSE) framework

  • MSEPUB - the MSE framework main databank
  • GEMSE - the MSE framework copy of GEOCHEM
  • CRMSE - the MSE framework copy of CORROSION

When to use corrosion and geochemical databanks

Private data

For client proprietary work, OLI will create private databanks that can be added to the public databanks supplied with the program.

Specialty Databanks

COSIA Project
Dichloroacetic and trichloroacetic acid in both MSE and AQ frameworks
Pectolite databanks
Updated Sodium Phosphate Data (MSE)

Installing and using Private databanks

Using OLI private databases in versions 10 and later

These links will also be useful to install and use the private databanks in versions 9.6 and earlier.

Installing ESP format databanks

How to load a private databank in OLI Studio

How to select an OLI Private databank in OLI studio

Converting ESP original databanks into OLI Flowsheet and SQL formats

How to convert to the new databank format (PDF)

Installing and using the OLI Databanks in OLI's Alliance Partners

Using a custom OLI databank with Aspen HYSYS
Using a custom OLI Databank with Aspen Plus
Using a custom OLI Databank with gProms
Using a custom OLI Databank with the OLI Developer Edition
Using a custom OLI Databank with ProII
Using OLI Databanks in Unisim Design