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==== [[OLI Flowsheet: Optimizer Documentation and Examples]] ====
==== [[OLI Flowsheet: Optimizer Documentation and Examples]] ====
==== [[Media:FESP-Chapter07 Water Treatment - Adding Manipulators and Controllers.pdf | Chapter 07 of the FMB course as a special assignment]]
===== OLI Flowsheet: ESP  (Version 10.0) =====
===== OLI Flowsheet: ESP  (Version 10.0) =====

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OLI Simulation Software

Current Software

OLI Simulation Software is one of the three OLI product lines. This line contains our current, stand-alone products when using OLI-only thermodynamics.

Release Notes

See Version 11 for the latest information about the OLI version 11 software.

Older products

V10.0 Release Notes (all products, current version 10.0.2)
Studio Release Notes version 9.6

OLI Studio (a/k/a OLI Analyzer)

The OLI Studio comes as a base product with add-on components. Either Stream Analyzer or ScaleChem can be used as the base product, and then other components are available as add-on. EVS is now found inside the Corrosion Analyzer.

OLI Studio Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

OLI Studio V10 User Guide (PDF)

OLI Flowsheet Programs

OLI has flowsheet simulation for OLI-only thermodynamics for those applications, such as wastewater treatment, that are electrolyte-only or electrolyte-primary processes.

OLI Flowsheet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
OLI Flowsheet: Video Tutorials

OLI Flowsheet: Optimizer Documentation and Examples

==== Chapter 07 of the FMB course as a special assignment

OLI Flowsheet: ESP (Version 10.0)

OLI Flowsheet: ESP - Guides and Notes

OLI Flowsheet V10 User Guide (PDF)

OLI Databook

Exporting a New Format Database for V9.6 and Earlier

ESP Original

ESP Original FAQs

ESP Original 9.6 Documentation

OLI Chemistry Wizard

The OLI Chemistry Wizard is used with many Alliance products as well as our own OLI Developer Edition.

Chemistry Wizard
Chemistry Wizard Release Notes

Interface Programs

When you would like to use OLI within your own program, the OLI Engine: Developer Edition is the product to request. The Developer Edition also has run-time licensing available for when your program containing OLI is released.

Common Components

Maintenance & Legacy Software

Uncommon Error Messages